Tuesday Noon Academy: Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert, "Managing Stress in Our (Cells') Lives"

Tuesday, October 7, 2014
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Scripps - Hampton Room
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Public Events

Lecture given by Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert, Associate Professor of Biology and Associate Dean of Faculty, Scripps College. Do chemicals stress you out?  They certainly do to your cells. Edwalds-Gilbert will speak about the ways cells deal with stress brought about by various factors, particularly chemicals to which people are frequently exposed – food preservatives BHA and BHT, and BPA, now banned from most plastic bottles but commonly found in store receipts.  Recent experiments performed in her lab demonstrate that BHA and BHT activate an important response called the Unfolded Protein Response, or UPR, and BPA likely acts through a different mechanism. Come learn more (all stress free!) about this topic that has significant implications for our environment and our health.

The Tuesday Noon Academy is a collection of presentations by Scripps College faculty and visiting scholars from a wide variety of disciplines, offered free of charge to the community. Attendees are welcomed to bring their lunch or purchase lunch at the Malott Commons Dining Hall. Coffee and Tea will be provided. Doors open at 11:45am.


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