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·         All campus event requests must be submitted through VEMS.

·         Submitting an event request does not guarantee that the event or space will be approved. Your event is not confirmed until you receive an email confirmation from the Office of Events and Conference Services.

·         Events should not be promoted internally or externally until Events and Conference Services has approved the event and location.

Academic Classes published in the 5C semester course schedule take priority!

·         The Events department works diligently with the Registrar’s office to ensure that class listings in EMS are correctly reserved and confirmed.

·         There are instances where unforeseen scheduling conflicts may occur. If a class is in session during the time of your reservation, please reach out directly to Events at events@scrippscollege.edu.

·         The events team will make every effort to find you an alternative space for your program. Any class that is part of the Scripps curriculum will take precedence; therefore, your program or event location will change.



·         Events that require resources include Facilities/Set Ups, Catering, and Media Services.

·         The earlier you request an event, the more likely it will be approved.

·         All resourced events need an attached diagram for any set up.

·         Diagrams: A diagram is required for any reservation that includes tables, chairs, microphones, speakers etc. Diagrams are created through Social Tables, a user-friendly program, please refer to this link. To be added to the Social Tables system, please email events@scrippscollege.edu with the Subject Line: “Need to be Added to Social Tables”.

Look for an email from Social Tables prompting the new user to create a username and

password (may appear in your spam or junk folder).

·         Once you submit an event, the Events team will confirm within 72 hours.

·         Confirmations are subject to change based on availability of resources. Some days are more in demand than others. Not all services can be accommodated based on staffing and resources.

·         For Catering requests, please place your catering order with Bon Appetit.

·         For Campus Maintenance, Grounds, Media Services, please use the drop-down menu to

·         add services. Refer to VEMS instructions.

·         Changes/Additions can be made by you up to 3 days prior to your event. You will need to process. those changes via VEMS by clicking My Events.

·         Changes/additions cannot be confirmed within the 72-hour period before the event date. 

·         You are now able to reserve the Hampton Room and Balch Auditorium.



Use the Non-Resource Reservation Request Reservation Template to make these requests and receive immediate confirmation.


·         All student event requests on Scripps Campus must receive approval and confirmation from the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) by first filling out and submitting the OSE Event Reservation Form for OSE to review your event.

·         This form needs to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the day of the event.

·         Upon approval, OSE will add the reservation to EMS and send an approval email to the event organizer and CC Public Events for review.

·         Once Public Events approves and confirms the event reservation, a confirmation email will be sent to the organizer.

·         If you plan to have an external vendor (i.e. photobooth, boba truck, etc), then a Certificate of Liability Insurance will be required.

·         For larger scale events where the estimated attendance exceeds 50, please make an appointment with a staff member at OSE at least 3-4 weeks prior to the event.

·         Please note: submitting an event request does not guarantee that the event or space will be approved.

·         Events should not be promoted internally or externally until Public Events has approved the event and location.

·         For more information regarding the event registration procedures and policies, please review the Guide to Student Life section 4.19: Event Registration and Facility Use Procedures and Guidelines.

If you encounter issues with VEMS or need help troubleshooting, contact the IT Service Desk.