"UnMasked" Performance with Curt from Detox

Friday, April 26, 2013
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Pitzer - Broad Performance Space
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Pitzer - Performance
Alison Espinosa-Setchko

Curt..from Detox

We all wear masks—at work, at home, at the club or on the street, to ignore the homeless or to keep peace when in-laws visit; always the Mask is there. From abandonment to abuse, to addiction and isolation, to homelessness and dereliction, whatever our struggles, we are never alone. We can peel back the layers, UnMask, and share our humanity. Playing all roles himself, Curtis Drake Shepard presents portraits of eight characters whose stories are told with humor, compassion, and brutal honesty. Shepard has performed UnMasked many times at various venues, including the Chicago Fringe Festival and Cincinnati Fringe Festival. An extraordinary actor, writer, spoken word artist and story-teller, Shepard has been delighting audiences in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area for the past twenty-eight years with his unique brand of dramatic story-telling.

*This is a Scent Free Event*
People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) are part of our community, and out of respect for those who are coming to this event with MCS, we ask you to be fragrance free. More information about being scent free can be found here: http://www.peggymunson.com/mcs/fragfree.pdf

This event was co-sponsored by Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault Pomona and the Strategic Initiative Fund of Pitzer College Campus Life Committee

This is part of a series of events & discussion/performance group entitled: Healing Justice: Queering the Intersections Between the Personal & Political. Also known as "The Aboutness"

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