Become a Writing Center Fellow Information Session

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Pitzer - Scott Hall 230
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Pitzer - Workshop
Andrea Scott
Writing Center
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Spring 2014 Workshops

Please also consider participating in "Love Your Library Workshops," which include sessions on information literacy and source management tools. Hosted by the library.

Become a Writing Center Fellow in 2014-15: Information Session
Wed Feb 19, 7pm-8pm & (again) Tues Feb 25, 7pm-8pm
230 Scott Hall

Interested in becoming a Writing Center Fellow next year? Come learn more about the position and how to apply. Writing Center Fellows are Pitzer students who consult with fellow writers on projects in any discipline. They receive intensive training in the teaching of writing valuable to their development as educators and writers. If you consider yourself a thoughtful reader and writer and enjoy engaging fellow writers in conversations about writing, a Fellow position in the Writing Center may be for you. All first-year, second-year, and third-year Pitzer students in any discipline are welcome to apply. We seek strong writers in the humanities, social sciences, and biological and natural sciences.  Application deadline: Mon Mar 3.

Developing a Research Question
Fri Feb 21, 1-2:15pm
230 Scott Hall

Academic writing is the art of asking good questions and discovering surprising responses.  How do writers across the disciplines develop questions that are interesting to their readers? In this workshop, you’ll develop strategies for generating analytical questions, assessing their feasibility, and conveying their importance to your readers.  We’ll practice ways from moving from a topic to a research question, leaving you with a stronger sense of your project's focus.  Bring your laptop with access to your project-in-progress.

The Anatomy of Scientific Writing
Fri Feb 28, 1-2:15pm
230 Scott Hall

Scientific Writing involves more than "writing up" results. It's a genre of writing constructed to persuade the scientific community of a finding's significance. Like all writing, it requires careful planning. In this workshop, we'll analyze the anatomy of the scientific research paper from the abstract to the discussion section, reaching a deeper understanding of the form and function of each part. In the second half, we'll workshop a section of your own scientific academic writing to sharpen its impact. Bring your laptop.

Situating Yourself in a Scholarly Conversation
Fri Mar 7, 1-2:15pm
230 Scott Hall

Scholarly writing is paradoxical: you're asked to position yourself in a pre-existing debate while also transforming the terms of that debate. Why is this so? For starters, academic readers seek to understand the "new" in relation to the "old." This workshop will equip you with several strategies for using scholarly sources to develop an original argument that attends to a current issue in your field. Bring your laptop with access to your project-in-progress.

Teaching Multilingual Writers
Tues Mar 27, 2:45-4pm
230 Scott Hall

A workshop on teaching writing to multilingual writers. Designed for Writing Center Fellows, Pitzer students interested in teaching writing to multilingual students (in the US or abroad), and faculty. Details to follow.

Senior Thesis Boot Camp, Part II
Apr 4, 1-4pm
230 Scott Hall

Keep ahead of the game. Revisit your writing plan to ensure a successful finish this month. You'll commit to 2 ½  hours of writing in the company of your peers and will make significant progress on your thesis.  Debriefing groups will help you develop a plan for completing your thesis.

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